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Upper endoscopic examination (gastroscopy)

The upper endoscopic examination is the only method for examination and treatment of digestive organs that helps to examine oesophagus, stomach and duodenum "from inside", and to perform various diagnostic and therapeutic activities inside these organs, if necessary.
How to prepare for upper endoscopic examination

Lower endoscopic examination (colonoscopy)

Lower endoscopic examination or colonoscopy is the only, most precise and informative investigation method that helps to examine the colon from inside, and to diagnose and treat diseases of the colon and rectum in a due time.
How to prepare for lower endoscopic examination

Respiratory tests

Respiratory tests are diagnostics of diseases by analysis of the exhaled air.
In Latvia, respiratory tests are performed at GASTRO only.

Gastric and oesophageal 24-hours pH metric examination, manometric examination

Capsule endoscopy with „golden” capsule

Capsule endoscopy is the most up-to-date and precise diagnostic option used for identification of the small bowel diseases.

For procedures, GASTRO uses intravenous medication for all patients. Patients are being observed after procedures in particularly designed sites equipped according to the latest standards.